After the years spent at the Conservatorio di Milano, where I studied, with minor achievements on the piano and a better success with the bassoon, I played for some years in several classical and wind orchestras; then, in 1992, I started the activity of freelance musical engraver. Thanks to some acquaintances of mine and a chance encounter (thanks Giampaolo Novelletto!), I managed to start working since the very beginning for some important firms of Milan: Ricordi, Suvini Zerboni, Carisch. About this, it's important to me to remember Fausto Broussard and Gianni Marinato, who helped me improving my professional skills.

Other publishers for whom I worked or still work: Boccacini&Spada, RaiTrade (now RaiCom), Sinfonica jazz, Lattes, Pearson, Curci, Durand etc.

I worked also for some well-known composers, usually on a continuative way: I engraved the music for Ivan Fedele since, practically, the dawn of times, and pretty much the same for Salvatore Sciarrino and Stefano Gervasoni; my services have often been requested by Giacomo Manzoni, Marco di Bari, Luca Lombardi, Aldo Clementi, Lucia Ronchetti, and then again by many others: Donatoni, Morricone, Globokar, De Pablo, Castaldi, Mannino, Corghi, Pousseur, Francesconi, Guarnieri, Memo, Stroppa, Battistelli, Wenjing, Nieder, Berio, Vacchi, Romitelli, Ambrosini, Casale, Odeh-Tamimi, Magranè, Zen ...

I keep a place in my heart for Giorgio Gaslini.

My job is focused on the contemporary music, the music that has been just written; nonetheless I engraved musics of all kind: pop songs, school books, prayer books, guitar music, piano music (almost the complete Muzio Clementi's opera for piano, all Mozart's piano sonatas, then John Field, Martucci...), critical editions of Donizetti's, Verdi's and Puccini's operas.

Ultimately my personal musical interests are now directioned towards the baroque music, that's why I have developed the idea to study (and get graduated with) the recorder.

In order to do my job I use an old software whose name is SCORE for Dos.

It is really an old school program, but I'm used to it and my customers seem to appreciate the results very much; with it I'm confident that I will be able to face any kind of "weird" request my client can think off or, at least, the reasonable ones...

In fact Score, apart from producing a great looking output for "regular" music, has quite astounding graphical capabilities and it makes even possible to handle different instrumental groups with independent rhythms, just like in this situation.


Many of my works realised for Ivan Fedele can be seen in his official channel.